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It is winter and the weather is fresh. Wondering what to do in Sydney in July?

Just leave the couch and have a day out, there are so many cool options.

This is the best time of the year to hop on a boat and hope to spot some whales flipping their huge tails in the air.

The beautiful mammals travel along the eastern coast of Australia from the cold Antarctic waters to the warm tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef and then back.

July is the month of the Bastille day, celebrated in Sydney by the French community and their Aussie friends. And it is the month of some cool winter events.

Whale Watching

sydney harbour

A cruise around the spectacular harbour of Sydney is always something to look forward to. But it so much more exciting when you go on a whale watching trip.

whale watching cruise

Usually the huge animals start their migration north  around April and then travel back south till November. There are no guarantees you will see them, but July is the month with a high probability of some close encounters.

whales travelling along sydney coast

Like this one. It looks like it is a humpback whale, as it has a small dorsal fin. The other whales that travel along Sydney's coast are the southern right whales. They don't have any dorsal fin and their blows are V-shaped.

So would the blow in the image above belong to the southern right species rather than the humpback?

whale watching sydney

One or the other, they love to put on a show. And we absolutely love watching them.

What to do in Sydney in July - Cool Yule

a floating iceberg in Darling Harbour

A cool festival that starts on July 2 and runs to July 17 is so fun for everyone who dreams about a white winter.

An ice skating rink, a floating iceberg, fake snow flakes, mulled wine, winter food, an ice show, frosty fireworks...and you get the complete magical winter experience in Darling Harbour.

Here's another ice skating rink that pops up in front of St Mary's cathedral on 30th of June. It stays open every day till 17th of July 2016. You can hire boots and funny 'penguins' to push your kids around the rink.

What to do in Sydney - Bastille Day

the argyle celebrates bastille day in sydney

For those of you, who either miss or dream about visiting France, go to the Argyle in The Rocks. You will mix with the French and the francophone community and celebrate the 14th of July, the French national day. The party starts at 5 pm with fun galore. Be there on Thursday July 14 2016.

sydney july bastille day at the argyle

French champagne, food, music and a bit of cabaret will surely be the ingredients for a memorable night out.

Naidoc Week

naidoc banner

Every July Australia celebrates the Aboriginal populations, their culture and history. It is the week long NAIDOC festival, hosted by a different city every year.

NAIDOC is an acronym standing for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee.

Each festival culminates with a ball and an awards ceremony, which honours the accomplishments of various Indigenous people for creating awareness of the issues that face them and improving their lifestyle.

The awards recognise:

  • a person of the year,  
  • a male and a female elder,
  • a young person,
  • people who have shown various skills and achievements in the fields of art, sports, work and study environments, including a lifetime achievement award for the contribution to Indigenous people.

The festival week: 3 - 10 July 2016.

To support the festival, you can learn more about Australian Aborigines, understand their culture, get familiar with, or buy some Aboriginal art, get more information about Indigenous names and visit places rich with Aboriginal significance, for example Uluru or Alice Springs.

The Rocks Aroma Festival

The Rocks stalls

If you are in the City on Sunday 24 July, make sure to visit The Rocks, admire the best Australian icons: Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, and sip delicious coffee, taste sweets and chocolate on offer from various stalls that line up the streets for the Rocks Aroma festival.

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