Sydney Olympics 2000

Would it Have Been Such a Hit Without the Volunteers?

Volunteers came together to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Sydney Olympics 2000. They took time out of their busy lives to help make the athletes shine.

September 15, 2010 - the date to remember the Millenium Games.

It was all about olympic Australian success, about Olympians and their dedication to stretch themselves, become sports stars and break world records. But not only about them.

It was also about volunteers, the huge number of ordinary people who made the millenium games such a memorable event.

They were invited to a great reunion on September 15, 2010 at Sydney Olympic Park to remember the good old days, celebrate, meet friends and reignite the spirit of the great games.

47,000 people were the real heroes of the day who made it all possible, dedicated their time to help or drive people around, give directions, share a smile, issue accreditation passes, monitor what was happening.

The athletes were great, but Sydney and the hospitality of its volunteers exceeded everyone's expectations.

The volunteers at the Sydney 2000 olympic games have their own work of art, an installation of poles at the Olympic Park, which commemorates the games and shares the names of these humble heroes.

Sydney Olympics 2000, Remember?

Who can forget the millennium Olympics, the excitement before it started, the awesome opening and closing ceremonies and the great challenges of the competitions.

The opening ceremony embraced all things Australian:

Here are the outback horse riders, setting the scene for Human Nature and Julie Anthony, accompanied by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to perform the Australian National Anthem at the opening ceremony.

The 2000 Olympics was a success for Australia with 58 medals won: 16 gold, 25, silver and 17 bronze. And among the winners were the golden Cathy Freeman and Ian Thorpe.

Do you remember the closing ceremony?

Here's Christine Anu, a successful and versatile Aboriginal singer and actress performing her hit "My Island Home".

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